The Jefferson State Music Festival brings affordable world class music festivals, events, and concerts to southern Oregon communities. Since 2002 Jefferson State Music Festival has hosted quality, community orientated music festivals and events and now offers a outlets for hemp, cannabis, and marijuana industry advocates to provide educational resources to attendees on the potential benefits of the cannabis plant.

Coming back to Provolt , Oregon for 2014

Jefferson State Hemp Expo​

2012 Artist Lineup

Hemp Expo 2012 Artists

State of Jefferson
Jah Sun

Organik Time Machine


Unified Culture

Craig Chaquico


Medium Troy


Kargo Bossajova

Frankie Hernandez

100 Watt Mind

The T-Club


Ngaio Bealum

Jen Ambrose

Craig Wright

Only Natural

Blind Lion


Skunk Funk

Smokin' Rogues

Glimpse Trio

Michelle MacAfee

Willy and The Poor Boys

The Illies


The Rodeo Clowns

Sol Seed

Adrian Xavier

Ras Cricket

Michelle Bellamy

The Bones


Fret Drifters

Grampa's Chili

Harri and Friends

Eastern Sunz

The Herbal Crew

Jagen Jones

Jack FallsRock


Jared Masters

Anthony Melendez


Michael Annotti

Matt Hill

2013 Artist Lineup

Hemp Expo 2013 Artists

Les Claypool's Duo De Twang * Floater * Curtis Salgado * Scott Pemberton Trio * Eastern Sunz * Only Natural * Maca Ray * Lacero * Oneironauts * Sweetgrass * State of Jefferson * 100 Watt Mind * The Rodeo Clowns * Michelle Bellamy * Hemposium * Luau Cinder * 3 Ring * World's Finest * The T-Club * RevelleveR * Turner Moore Band * Frankie Hernandez * Dr. Woodward's 1 Man Band * Unsung Heroz *  541 Syndicate * The Herbal Crew * Ragabonds * Unified Culture * Matt Hill Band * Synrgy * Butcher * Uphonic Sound System * Legendary Good Times * Melody Guy * Organik Time Machine * The New Groove * Soul Union * High Life Band * Second Hand Soldiers * Glimpse Trio * Thomas Mackay Project * Cultivators * Sterotyped * Pagan Jug Band * Sick Donkey Records * Indigitize * DJ Sticky

2014 Artist Lineup

Hemp Expo 2014 Artists

David Grisman Bluegrass Experience, Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon, State Of Jefferson, Frankie Hernandez, The Cultivators, Synrgy, 100 Watt Mind, Sol Seed, Only Natural, Oneironauts, Luv Dub, Jack Falls-Rock, Melody Guy, Roses and Whiskey, New Groove, Willy and The Poor Boys, Turner Moore Band, Antonucci Collective, Unsung Heroz, Indigitized, 541 Syndicate, The Rodeo Clowns, Strive Roots *****AND SO MUCH MORE********

Jefferson State Music Festival is coming  back to southern Oregon and the State of  Jefferson for the 5th annual Hemp Expo.

Scroll down the page to see who's performed at past at Hemp Expo's and other Jefferson State Music Festival events. Some notable performers include David Grisman, Les Claypool, Pato Banton, Blackalicious, Craig Chaquico, Poor Man's Whiskey, and Curtis Salgado.

2012 Artist Lineup

Jefferson State Music Festival 2012 Artists

David Grisman's Bluegrass Experience

State of Jefferson Band


2009 Artist Lineup

Jefferson State Music Festival 2009 Artists

State of Jefferson Band

​Frankie Hernandez

​.............. Full lineup added soon

2010 Artist Lineup

Jefferson State Music Festival 2010 Artists

State of Jefferson Band

​Frankie Hernandez

​.............. Full lineup added soon

2011 Artist Lineup

Jefferson State Music Festival 2011 Artists

Maacho and The Cool Connection

State of Jefferson Band

​Frankie Hernandez


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